Anime Festival Asia

Annual Performances

The Anime Festival Asia (AFA) is an inagural event held in Singapore every year since 2008 that showscases anime, games, Japanese subculture and celebrities.  Since their debut in 2011, Sea*A has appeared in every AFA Concert and their songs have been featured as the theme song each year. AFA has brought them outside of Singapore as well, as AFA is now featured in Malaysia and Indonesia as of 2012, which they have both performed for. Here are some clips of their appearance at the festival.

God Knows (Sea*A’s English version)
Credits: FritzSG1

Butter-Fly (Sea*A’s English Version)
Credits: Arieslicious911

AFA SG Artiste Vignette- Sea*A
Credits: AnimaxAsia

AFA Malaysia 2012 Highlights [ANIMAX]- Dream Shooter
Credits: crazyloader88

AFA Malaysia 2012 Highlights [ANIMAX]- Friendship Birthday
Credits: crazyloader88

Valerie performs Origami at the Horipro Stage at AFA 2013

Credits: Benjamin Shadoewing

Valerie performs Renai Circulation at the Horipro Stage at AFA 2013

Credits: Hecate II


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