Animax Musix

Annual Performance in Japan!

Sea*A has also been invited to perform at the prestigious Animax Musix, which is annually held at the Yokohama Arena, which features a wide variety of J-Pop artistes. Their first performance at was during their debut year as well. When Animax Musix was brought to Taiwan in 2012, Sea*A was invited to perform and given the honour of emceeing the event!

Sea☆A – プラチナ [Animax Musix Fall 2011]

Sea☆A – Deli-Deli Delicious [Animax Musix Fall 2011]
Credits: MAYN5201314

Animax Musix Japan 2012- God Knows (Sea*A English Ver.)
Credits: 麗賈

Animax Musix Japan 2012- Dream Shooter
Credits: MAYN5201314


Animax Musix Japan 2012- Full Cast
Credits: MAYN5201314

Animax Musix Taiwan 2012 (Showcase)

Animax Musix Japan 2012- エントリー! Entry! 
Credits: MAYN5201314


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